About Wholesale Scene

Wholesale Scene is a product sourcing network that connects buyers with suppliers socially in one, easy to navigate environment.

Behind Wholesale Scene is a team of inspired entrepreneurs, product sourcers and designers. We know what you want because simply, we ARE You. Our technical skills enable our online visions to become realities, but above all, we are hungry, just like You.

Our goal is to bridge the social gap between wholesalers and product sourcers, allowing parties to communicate seamlessly. It's all about free, hassle-free trade.

One day, young and seasoned entrepreneurs alike will connect with wholesalers via our community, making product sourcing easier and hassle-free. Without worrying about the monotonous task of finding honest, quality suppliers, entrepreneurs and 'creators' can fulfil their goals faster, advancing their respective business and industries at never before seen rates. In our eyes, there's no reason everyone can't win at the same time and smile while doing it.