Innovative accessories designed, manufactured and distributed, worldwide.


Innex, Inc. is a Manufacturer, Distributor and Sourcing Agent of video game accessories and other products from mobile, audio and toy industries, worldwide. Established in facilities in both North America and Asia, Innex has the logistical and shipping expertise to deliver its products and services on time and under budget.


Controllers, headsets, cables, adapters and converters, repair parts, plush toys & gift accessories, collectible figurines, R/C cars, classic board games, candy & energy drinks, cell phone and ipod(r) protective cases, protective and decorative skins & protective screen films, varieties of ear buds, professional and stylish headsets, unique speakers, adapters and cables, OEM and ODM manufacturing, product, package and web design and engineering, sales, marketing and brand awareness promotional programs, quality control management and services, product sourcing and business consulting.


ALS, Aptus Games, Bda / Power A, Ben Q, Bgr Mods, Blizzard, Boston America, Calibur11, Capcom, Datel, Dreamgear, Eagl3, Exo-Guard, Funko, Goldie Marketing, Hitachi LG, Hori, ifrogz, iluv, Intec, Interworks Unlimited, Jakks, Jazwares, Jfj, K'nex, Kmd, Konami, Level Up, Level Up Wear, License 2 Play, Little Buddy Toys, Logitech, Madcatz, Marvel, Mayflash, Microsoft, Mind Candy, Musibytes, Nintendo, Nkok, Nyko, PDP, Philips, Lite-On, Plantronics, Primagames, Razer, Retro-Bit, Round 5, Samsung, Sandisk, Sanei, Sega, Senario, Sharp, Shinobii, Sony, Square Enix, Star Wars, Sumthing Distribution, Swap Magic, Team17, Third Party, Thompson, Thrustmaster, Tritton, Ttx Tech, Turtle Beach, Ubisoft, Ufo, Xploder.

Product Gallery

  • Thumb_innex-super-mario-plush-goomba-12_
  • Thumb_innex-star-wars-7_-talking-plush-ball-8pc-assorted
  • Thumb_innex-game-of-thrones-ned-stark-figure
  • Thumb_innex-atari-console-flashback-4-classic-console-with-2-controllers-_sega_
  • Thumb_innex-rdp-console-portable-handheld-console-v2.0-core-edition-red
  • Thumb_innex-wii-controller-super-famicom-style-controller-limited-edition
  • Thumb_innex-futurama-monopoly-boardgame
  • Thumb_innex-ipod-case-marvel-captain-america-shield-ipod-touch-4
  • Thumb_innex-3ds_dsi-case-t-shirt-system-case
  • Thumb_innex-wii-controller-epic-mickey-2-mickey_s-paintbrush
  • Thumb_innex-ipod-slap-band-disney-mickey-nano-6
  • Thumb_innex-munitio-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3-billets-9mm-special-edition-earphones-gun-metal-black