Salter Housewares

Salter Housewares

UK's brand leader in kitchen and bathroom scales.


Salter Housewares was started by Richard Salter, a spring maker, in 1760. The first product was a 'pocket steelyard' scales that are not too different from the fisherman's scale today.

These days Salter Housewares is located in the UK, USA and Canada, with distribution to over 100 countries world-wide.

Proud to have celebrated 250 years, the company is still considered the number 1 brand for bathroom scales in the UK's. As a part of the highly successful HoMedics group the company is set for continued growth and product extension.


Kitchen scales, kitchen accessories, kitchen thermometers, personal scales, luggage scales.

Product Gallery

  • Thumb_salter-stainless-steel-mechanical-kitchen-scale
  • Thumb_salter-aquatronic-electronic-kitchen-scale
  • Thumb_salter-milk-frother
  • Thumb_salter-colourweigh-electronic-kitchen-scale
  • Thumb_salter-gourmet-digital-meat-thermometer
  • Thumb_salter-orb-mechanical-scale
  • Thumb_salter-heston-blumenthal-precision-orb-electronic-scales
  • Thumb_salter-heston-blumenthal-precision-digital-measuring-jug
  • Thumb_salter-heston-blumenthal-precision-glass-timer