Style Warehouse

Style Warehouse

Importer and Wholesaler of urban style clothing based in the United Kingdom.


Style Warehouse (Urban Classics London Ltd) is a direct importer and wholesaler of an assortment of urban style clothing for men, women and children, and can also provide a printing and embroidery service.

They accept PayPal, direct bank transfers and company cheques.


Men's accessories, hoodies, jackets, jeans, jog pants, knitwear, shirts, shorts, sportswear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, trainers, women's clothing, tops & bottoms, ladies urban classics, women's jackets, kids clothing.


Kaporal, Urban Classics.

Product Gallery

  • Thumb_style-warehouse-knitwear-jacket
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-double-hooded-vest
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-shawl-collar-jumper-
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-big-cap-fleece
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-ladies-light-fleece
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-ladies-college-sweat-jacket
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-kids-college-style-jackets
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-kids-sweat-pants
  • Thumb_style-warehouse-kids-hooded-bubble-blouson