Suck UK

Suck UK

SUCK UK produce furniture, lighting, interior products and accessories. We are the best.


For a decade now SUCK UK have been producing unique, quirky and expertly designed furniture, lighting, interior products and accessories. Setting themselves apart from the crowd with simple yet original designs and a cheeky sense of humour.

Suck UK's mission is to keep churning out fresh products, cherry picking young design talent and expanding a brand that’s already at the top of it’s game.

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Product Gallery

  • Thumb_suck-uk-my-cuppa-coffee-cup
  • Thumb_suck-uk-mega-silly-notes
  • Thumb_suck-uk-clockwork-sharpener
  • Thumb_suck-uk-wooden-bulb
  • Thumb_suck-uk-terrorist-teapot
  • Thumb_suck-uk-eat-me-cookie-stamp
  • Thumb_suck-uk-tyvek-white-bear
  • Thumb_suck-uk-ceramic-noodle-cup
  • Thumb_suck-uk-bakeball-rolling-pin