Twelve South

Twelve South

Just for Mac. Because the best computers in the world deserve the best accessories in the world.


Twelve South creates stunning accessories for Apple Computers. As Mac users Twelve South felt it was time to stop settling for PC accessories that were painted white and passed off as "Mac-compatible".

Their debut product was a runaway success the BackPack, an attachable storage shelf for the iMac and Apple Display, which sits discretely behind the unit. Recently they have released the BackPack 2 which can also be attached in a forward-facing manner, but it also offers integrated cable management and vertical support pegs to properly hold equipment such as the MacBook Air and upright hard drives.

Twelve South strive to deliver the most beautiful accessories designed exclusively for Mac, because your Mac deserves nothing less.


BackPack, BassJump, SurfacePad, SurfacePad (colors), BookBook (for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone & iPad), BookArc (for MacBook, MacBook Air & iPad), Compass, MagicWand, HiRise (for iMac).

Product Gallery

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